Explore, experiment and finally create with leather.
A mixture of ideas and sensations turned into objects.

TORU is a young craft and design company that produces beautiful, simply designed furniture with exquisite materials. Our collections are characterized by the use of high quality leather, produced locally with the highest standards of craftsmanship using vegetable-tanned leather.
That is what motivates us, to explore the properties of leather for the design of objects. Experimenting with the material to create original forms with symbolic, aesthetic, but also tactile qualities. All our products are handmade by local artisans, and are either unique or produced in small series. They are exciting designs capable of lasting many years.

Founded in 2015 by Jordi Ribaudí, is currently run by Jordi and Maite Perez.
The company based in Igualada (Barcelona) has its roots in the local leather industry, and is located in a restored nineteenth century tannery. The story of Toru’s creation goes back to 2005 when Jordi Ribaudí decided to move his product design studio very close to where his family had run a leather factory.
In 2009 and parallel to his activity as designer, Ribaudí allied with a group of creators to start the project Recstores with the aim of making the architectural heritage visible by temporarily installing “popup” stores in abandoned tanneries.
From this project and thanks to the neighborhood, he began to establish contact and friendships with the tanners of the area. With proximity, knowing their processes along with, the possibilities of the material, this allows him to explore, experiment and finally create with leather. Thus, a collection of pieces was born in what finally became the project TORU in 2015.

TORU produces all its collections exclusively with vegetable-tanned leather from cow hide treated with extracts of chestnut, mimosa and quebracho.

The industrial district of the Rec of Igualada houses one of the most important concentrations of leather factories in Europe. Most of them specialize in manufacturing premium leather for well-known fashion brands, and some of these continue to make by means of vegetal tanning. This tanning technique goes back to the beginning of time and is characterized by the use of vegetable extracts to transform the hides into leather. Its main characteristic is to preserve the maximum appearance and color of the original raw material along with guaranteeing an absence of dangerous or irritating chemical components.
The collections of Toru are produced with sadle leather vegetal tanned leaving the visible textures and natural imperfections of the skin. The color of the leather comes from the material itself and the plant extracts. By the addition of natural anilines the remaining colors are achieved.