The industrial district of the Rec of Igualada houses one of the most important concentrations of leather factories in Europe.

The Rec area is the former industrial area of Igualada. An extensive space to the south of the city that follows the course of the old ditch of four kilometers of length. At the beginning of the eighteenth century, settled lea-ther and dye factories, and in the mid-nineteenth century the first industrial vapors of the textile revolution were installed. A whole neighborhood that the crises of the European manufacturing industry at the end of last century turned into a ghost town. Paradoxes of our time, the disappearance of part of the industry left intact an architectural treasure that real estate speculation did not destroy and today is reborn as one of the most promising urbanistic experiments in southern Europe.
Today, cultural projects, professionals, artisans and musicians, are the new settlers who begin to occupy the old buildings to share this neighborhood with the tanners and their tanneries that resisted the abandonment of this small leather city.

Photos by Marc Vila, Angel Llacuna, Joan Solé , Joan solé Pons